HEC Pharm GmbH is the German subsidiary of Sunshine Lake Pharma Co., LTD, China. Organizationally, both companies belong to the HEC Pharm Group, China.

For HEC Pharm, research and development is the engine of the company. For this purpose, we have our own modern research center in China. More than 1500 scientists work here on the development of generics, new pharmaceutical products and biologicals.

It is our principle to independently develop all generic products that we bring to the European market together with our team. The clinical studies required for product registration (bioequivalence studies) are carefully checked by our team in accordance with the GCP guidelines (Good Clinical Practice).

Our pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in China are of the highest quality standard. This high standard has been confirmed by inspections by the European and American (FDA) pharmaceutical authorities and the WHO.

All products imported to Europe are checked again in Germany for their quality and approved for the European market in accordance with the German Medicines Act (AMG).






HEC Research and Development Center

The R&D center is located in Changan in the province of Guangdong in China with 1500 scientific employees, including scientists from Germany and the USA. Our areas of activity are generics, biologics and new therapeutics.

Sunshine Lake Pharma Co., Ltd.

The parent company of HEC Pharm GmbH is located in the Songshan Lake Industrial Park in Dongguan, north of Hong Kong. Our finished medicinal products are manufactured here.

HEC Pharm Co. and Yichang HEC Changjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

The manufacturing facilities are based in Yidu, a city in Hubei Province in central China. The manufacturing plants produce the active ingredients for the manufacture of our finished medicinal products in Sunshine Lake Pharma.

Ruyuan HEC Pharm Co. Ltd.

In the city of Shaoguan, a city in the north of the province of Guangdong, there is another manufacturing facility in which – as in Yidu – active ingredients for our production of finished medicinal products are manufactured in Sunshine Lake Pharma.

HEC Pharm GmbH

Our German headquarters in Berlin is responsible for the approval of drugs in Europe and for the distribution of HEC preparations in Europe.